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Imaan is an astute administrator who has led two critical government institutions within the
Nigeria humanitarian and social sectors – National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking
in Persons (NAPTIP) and National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally
Displaced Persons (NCFRMI). Within the six months she led NAPTIP, she repositioned the
Agency and her reforms and activities led to the upgrading of Nigeria from tier 2 watchlist
(which attracts sanctions) to tier 2 status (second to highest ranking) by the US Trafficking in
Persons Report. At the NCFRMI, she has also transformed the institution within two years, and
strengthened the framework for the provision of durable solutions to Persons of Concern in the

Imaan is an APC chieftain, and her exceptional dedication and invaluable contributions have
played a pivotal role in the success of numerous political campaigns for the party. Her tireless
efforts have greatly bolstered the party’s visibility, impact, and support across her State,
creating a significant ripple effect throughout the nation. Since 2015, she has consistently
demonstrated her unwavering commitment by actively participating in and contributing
immensely to political campaigns at both the state and national levels.
An award winning entrepreneur with over 2 decades of experience in wealth creation and
human capital development locally and internationally, Imaan is a visionary leader known for
her exceptional business acumen and relentless pursuit of excellence. Due to her commitment
to continuous professional development, She is currently studying for a Doctoral Degree that
focuses on mainstreamig a better understanding of Migration and National Security issues in

A. As Federal Commissioner of the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons (2 years)

• Facilitated the passage of the NCFRMI Act 2022 into Law after over 14 years of
attempts by the previous leadership of the Commission. The Law strengthens the
national action for the protection and assistance of Persons of Concern (PoC) by
working closely with government officials, civil society organisations, and other
stakeholders to advocate for the bill and ensure its timely passage.

• Developed a framework for fund mobilisation that led to an increase in budgetary
provision by over 150% within the first year at the Commission.

• Strengthened the commissions capability in the provision of durable solutions to
POCs through the design and implementation of a Strategic Roadmap designed to
reorientate and re-position the Commission towards actualizing its vision of becoming
a leading world class humanitarian organization. The implementation of the roadmap
include eight project drivers, and some outcomes are;

i. The set up and operationalisation of Transition Learning Centers for
school-aged children of IDPs in 7 States. An innovation that provides
access to education and other essential services for children who may have
otherwise been left behind.

ii. Launch of the Smart Commission and the Digital Commission. An
innovation that strengghtens the Commissions processes for service
delivery and enhances the capacity of staff and partners efficiently and

iii. Contnous training of staff to ensure robust capacity building (no staff of
the Commission had undertaken any training in the 2 years preceeding her
leadership at the Commission)

iv. Physical visit to borders to access first hand, the refugee challenges to
foster enhanced design of programmes and projects.

• Successfully carried out multiple voluntary repatriation exercises of migrants and
refugees from over ten countries, helping to ensure their safe and dignified return to
their countries of origin.

• Facilitated the signing of the Declaration of four cities in Nigeria as Refugee Friendly
Cities, making it easier for refugees and asylum seekers to access essential services
and integrate into their new communities.

• Strenghtened Nigeria’s participation in the Rabat Process for EU-Africa dialogue on
migration and development, by facilitating the country’s membership in the steering
committee. This enhances Nigeria negotiation position and positions it better for
meaningful discussions on regional migration and development issues on the global

• Developed multiple Policies and Standard Operating Procedures that not only build
the capacity of the public and private sectors in the provision of holistic support to
Persons of Concern, but also helps in institutionalising approaches to ensure
efficiency and effectiveness.

• Fostered collaborations with multiple local and international organisations towards
the strengthening of national response to the protection and assistance of Persons of

B. As Director General of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (6 months)

• Created a NAPTIP Renewed Vision 2021-2025 (Project 4R & 4S), outlining a bold
and ambitious plan for the organisation’s future development and growth.

• Restructured NAPTIP by the creation of new Regional Directorates, State Commands,
Liaison Offices, Departments, and Units, improving the effectiveness and efficiency
of the organisation’s operations.

• Launched NAPTIP Integrated Systems for Human Trafficking Reporting and Data
Management (ARES, CRM, 627, *627#) in partnership with Expertise France,
improving the organisation’s capacity to collect and analyse data on trafficking

• Reviewed, validated and launched the NAPTIP National Gender Policy and its
implementation plan to mainstream gender issues into the operations and activities of
the agency, demonstrating a commitment to gender equality and empowerment.

• Successfully investigated 313 Cases of Human Trafficking and its associated Crimes,
demonstrating excellent investigative skills and dedication to combating human

• Robust engagement with partners of NAPTIP, and returning them to support the
Agency. These partners had earlier stopped supporting the Agency due to weak
engagement framework.

• Successfully rescued 429 Victims of Human Trafficking and its associated Crimes,
providing vital support and assistance to vulnerable individuals who have been

• Successfully reunited 462 Victims of Human Trafficking and its associated Crimes to
their Families, helping to restore families and communities that have been torn apart
by trafficking.

• Successfully convicted 16 cases of Human Trafficking and its associated Crimes in
court, ensuring that traffickers are held accountable for their crimes and helping to
deter others from engaging in trafficking activities.

• Repatriated about 2,422 Nigerians from bondage-like situations in various countries,
providing much-needed support to victims of trafficking who have been exploited

• Finalised the First Ever Violence Against Persons (VAP) Annual Report 2021,
providing valuable insights into the prevalence and patterns of violence against
women and other vulnerable groups.

• Established and launched the NAPTIP Judicial Resource Center at the Federal
Secretariat NAPTIP Annex, Abuja, in collaboration with United Nations Office for
Drugs and Crime (UNODC), providing valuable resources and support to legal
professionals working on trafficking cases.

C. As Special Adviser on Strategic Communication and Partnerships to the Minster of State for Education (1 Year)

• Designed and championed the Alternate School Programme as a key intervention to
tackle the out-of-school challenge in the country. This programme metarmophorsed
into a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of
Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, and got the approval and
commendation of the Federal Executive Council

D. As Member of the Nasarawa State Investment and Economic Advisory Council (4 years)

• Supported the structuring and set-up of the State’s investments framework, which
attracted over 2 billion dollars in investments within two years.

• Advised the Governor on the implementation of the Nasarawa Economic
Development Strategy, which improved the IGR position of the State by 140%, as
well as rapid recovery from the COVID pandemic and improvements in health and
education outcomes.

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Imaan Sulaiman- Ibrahim

Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim is a consummate and international professional with over two decades of technical, administrative, and executive experience across the public, private, and development sectors.

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